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«  I am inspired by the realness of living, the spontaneity of getting dressed in the morning and the emotions that the objects evoke in us, and it is the same quality that I look for in the materials I choose. For me, the process of the making is fundamental to good work, I feel passionate about craftsmanship and the skilled people who make things. 

I have a fascination for enduring fabrics and materials, their resilience and grace through time. The older they get, the more I find them beautiful. » 

Image by Victor Pattyn, 2022. 


Growing up in the heart of Belgium on the country side, Maud pursued her design education at the National Visual Art School of La Cambre in Brussels before integrating the Alexander McQueen menswear studio in London and founding her first brand Can Pep Rey In 2013. 

Maud creates and curates clothes, objects and spaces. As a Fashion & Objects Designer, her cross-disciplinary and singular aesthetic lead her to create clothes we live in, enraptured living and objects we surround ourselves with. In 2018, she founded Clown Blanc, a creative label and consultancy practice specialized in workwear uniforms, feeling compelled to glorify clothes for « dirty work.» 

She has directed campaigns, designed interiors, products and clothes for various companies and media before launching her own practice in 2022, shaping her skills towards impactful experiences. 

For enquiries and projects please get in touch.

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